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Companies/ People:

There are many people who want me to advertise for them on my blog. Feel free to write to me if you want me to write  a sponsored post for you or for your companies. I share all my blog posts in approximately 90 different Facebook groups. I also share on my Twitter account and my google + account.
Do you want to have more space on my blog so that you get more visibility so your sponsored posts get their own menu here and have it sponsored post exactly as this post is? Feel free to choose for how long you want to use this advertising space for your business to be seen.

Languages that can be used in the postings: English , Swedish

We will agree on the time and it is the advance payment for each month:
* Highly reduced price right now 250 EURO  for a menu + a entry in the menu for each month + post pinned   
* For a single sponsored post so the price is also highly reduced  to 50 Euro
Why it’s good for companies to take the opportunity right now ?
Why I have these reduced rates right now ?
The answer is simple:This is a very good way for your business to be seen. Both the short-term but also long-term for a good price. Since my blog varies between the number of visitors so I don’t want to take out too much in cost. I will also not take out more in costs in the periods in which it goes  better for my blog. I am Singer/ Songwriter and I also have my blog to work with. 
I have a usual job to go to so this is a test now as I do in that I am offering a great advertising venue for companies who want to be seen. This is a bit first come first serve and I make the very own advertising for my blog on various social media. 
Would you, as a company, however, book and subscribe to the menu + entry for 3 months at a time
and pay advance on them to be able to use the advertising site, it take  the company before those who want to take a month at a time.
Please feel free and  Welcome  to Contact Me with a Comment 😀 
/ MinikeGirl