My Music

This page is dedicated to where my Music can be found

Album Song Spotify SoundCloud YouTube iTunes
1. Welcoming Your Nightmare
2. Schitzo Skills
3. Unsaved Spirit
4. Golden Glory
5. My Gocart Trip
1. Listen
2. Listen
3. Listen
4. Listen
5. Listen
1. Better Way
2. Until I Die
3. Keys Away
4. Trouble Maker
5. Stay Out
6. Healing Future
7. The Living Challenge
1. Listen
2. Listen
3. Listen
4. Listen
5. Listen
6. Listen
7. Listen
Min Gåva Listen
Änglarna Beundrar Listen
Skyddad Adress Listen
Overjoyed Mother Overjoyed Mother Listen
My Friend My Friend Listen Listen Listen
Warning Warning Listen Listen Listen
Shadows Art Shadows Art Listen Listen Official Video Listen
You Can You Can Listen Listen Official Video Listen
Sexy Style Sexy Style Listen Listen Listen
Spiritual Tears Spiritual Tears Listen Listen Listen
Lithium Doctor Lithium Doctor Listen Listen Listen
Sorry Little Haters Sorry Little Haters Listen Listen Listen
Lovely Insane Lovely Insane Listen Listen Listen
Temple Heart Temple Heart Listen Listen Listen


Spotify Playlist

At they are playing my Music at several radiostation and that feels really Nice to hear all this Lovely Words about my Music 🙂 ……..

Here are some of the stations that plays my Music :









I also got to be one all that were Noominiees to 2016 Golden KayaK Noominees 🙂 with my song My Friend