Comment on whatever topic your child and you are a little extra skilled at ?

Hi  🙂 all fine today we feel better here at home there is a lot that is going right now. We struggle to be healthy. We are not sick as often but just during the winter, so it becomes a part. It is the standard. So today, as we increase the vitamin intake a bit extra so we come back into the balance. 

It is interesting that my son is much better at math than I am. It is not my strong side, and many are much better than what I am on that count. His abilities concerning mathematics does not come from my genes Haha. We have more similar pages regarding other things. We are big equally, and it is, therefore, a little bit fun to see what differences we have. He likes mathematics and has no problem with standing in the supermarket when we shop and figure out what he should give to the cashier, and what he’s going to get back. Myself, I would never be able to and dare to stand so with all people around  😛 

I’m careful not to nag on the things that my son does not like and likes to do in school. I tell people that there are different ways to do things. To paint going to do on the big many ways and just the things that are in school doesn’t mean that it is the only way. My son has gotten the idea that he doesn’t like to paint he does not like to paint in school. I have said that there are many different ways that you can paint on. So we’ll try some other ways here at home. I myself had a hard time with painting in school, I discovered that it is big fun to paint patterns. I like to be outside and paint the fence with real paint and brush. So it is important what we are sending to our children and it is important that they should not believe that they do not like something because they think that there is only one way to do things. Then you have to be responsive if there is something they don’t really like and that you do not nag break it to you as a parent want your child to think that something is fun. The balance which is very important. Are other people on me about too much stuff so close I of in the end and it gets bad energy, which results in that I stop even trying. He is so happy about his great teacher that understand him about this. It is more important to feel that others understand in the things that you have a little less sense to do. Too much nagging can end up in stops to make it as you like. A kind of creative-depression  💡 

It is the whole that counts and you can’t think of everything or be the best at everything it is a known fact, so don’t forget it.

As an adult, and I get to constantly work with myself in this. To not let other people take from the feel of it is or can be fun and that you feel good to do things. It does not help the child to a parent nag break things down in something that it is not so good energy from the beginning. As I mentioned earlier, it is incredibly important to have good energy in it as you are doing or are about to learn. It is very important to see what people do well instead of constantly look for fault and complaining about it. I was wild when I was younger and I was constantly on the lookout for to find something that I was good at. Today I have the life, in spite of circumstances, a life that I feel good. I live in my dream. 

My son will be the one who gets to keep a little extra eye on our family’s economy in the future. He has a more healthy approach to money than what I have. I am very structured and have order and my son is going to be even better at it. 

Comment on whatever topic your child is a little extra skilled at ?

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛

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4 kommentarer

  1. Alla är ju inte lika intresserade och duktiga i vissa ämne än andra :p så är det nog. Min syster är grym på matte medan jag hatar det!

  2. Så tråkigt att sonen inte gillar bildlektionerna i skolan. Men som du säger det finns så många andra sätt att skapa bilder än att teckna och måla. Han kan klippa och klistra, använda sig av mönster eller fotografera. Tillvägagångssätten är hur många som helst.

    Skönt att ni mår bättre idag. Kram från mig

    1. 💜🎶Tack ja det finns många sätt och man har ju olika intressen. Matematik är bland det roligaste tycker min son. Ha det bäst Kramizar MinikeGirl 🌞

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