I like it when I can go into a sort of bubble :)

Was a bit interrupted in relation to the which I had planned to do this weekend, for the first I was sick and then I got my son sick. But the best part is that we feel good now. It is the weekend and we can take it easy.

I keep on writing music and it goes well. It will be exciting to see what will become of everything. I’m writing on many songs at the same time now which makes it extra interesting. It is thus that I want to work and work best at this time, however, so it becomes a real challenge. It is for that I work a little different than how I usually do.

Wonderful to just be me and just devote myself to different things. Immerse myself completely and indulge myselves to wherever the creativity takes me. An absolutely amazing feeling. Wonderful to just be in all this 😛 
Time to eat 🙂
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl

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