My black hairs on the body has become white by the sun :)

It is still a lovely summer for us here. Now we are starting slowly to plan for some new activities. We take the day a little as the will which is relaxing and lovely. 

Because I work as I do so, I have already begun to plan ahead on what I should do for the music then when the holidays are over. I have taken the opportunity to do this summer is to rest and to gather new energy. I know that I will need my energy for me to cope all that I should and want to do.

I’ll release more music and I’ll write and record new. So I have to do which is really amazing. It’s always a bit messy for me when I have not been sitting and structured up my songs in a while so it is the first which I’ll do when my vacation is over Hihi  😀 

It will also be fun to get on the voice again. I mean when I can stand and practice more again. It will be a little difficult to practice when I have vacation  😛 

I’m happy in the sun as much as I can this year, so have my black hairs on the body has become white by the sun. It has never happened before so it is noticeable that the sun is very strong. This has never happened, despite the times that I have been abroad.

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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