Surprisingly Proud Of Myself :)

It will be a little quieter day than what I had planned when I got sick yesterday just when I finished my work. The day had been really good and I was lucky to get sick just now when I’m free 3 days. But I had to set it as applied to my music this weekend and it is so that the health goes first. The music is of course also affected if I am ill so it is just to focus on the next opportunity. I have the good fortune, in that I blog and make music so I can do a bit from home today. I slept more than 12 hours in the night, so the body needed a rest. Today I have a little pain in the body and is tired, but otherwise it is just fine with me. Haha 😛  of course, so I sit, and sing a little but manage to sing a few lines then I become breathless. Typical me hihi 😛

It is when I have those days like these when I just do what I can of the day. It need not be something negative at all, but on the contrary it can happen wonders. It depends on how I think and what I focus on. I’m so happy about so many things right now that my soul is feeling really good. It is my way to be able to see all the different perspectives as I can. I have an awesome ability to be able to discern the details but also to see the big picture as it is. It is something that I developed good in my life.

I will be working from home now my 3 days off but I will also be working with to take care of my health. I have not trained now for a period but I have taken long walks. It’s about doing something even if they are 10 minutes in a short walk. I have all my life striven after and I am still working with myself on a daily basis to be able to maintain my self-realization. Make it stronger and take me even higher.
It has been really good lesson now in recent times, and I have learned a lot about myself. Surprisingly, many things made me so proud of myself and what I have found in myself. It is so positive to see in oneself that one’s own actions has given so good results and so much less negativity. It is so good decisions that I have taken and it has made me have so much energy left that I can distribute the much better.
I have a lot going on as always and it is with great pleasure to be able to have the opportunity to share it all with you. You who is my lovely listeners and readers.
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 img_20170510_085134.jpg

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