To record more of my songs that I have written :)

Changed some plans yesterday so this Sunday I got to plan about. Sometimes there will be some changes in my planning. So yesterday I cleaned the I and today so I have done a little bit of food. The idea from the beginning was to continue to clean but I have time to continue now in the week. Did really good food just as I’m sitting and eating now  😛 20170820_125436.JPG20170820_125241.JPG 

Amazing what you have access to to be as creative as I am. Even if  I am  not the best at what I do  it will be often good if I believe in myself.

In the near future which will, it is time for me to work more with my music and to record more of my songs that I have written. Because it works so good for me to work as I do so I will continue with it. There is no reason to change what works. This time, I dont  change to anything but even so I have a lot of challenges left that I will fight for. I have a lot of things that I want to get into the daily routine and I have almost succeeded with it. It will be a challenge and I will have to fight to get where I want but it will be worth it. The funny thing is that I already know now that I will be successful with it as I want to. Is about to give myself time and a day so I am there quite easily  😛 

A thousand Thanks to all of You who Listen to my music. Now I have 13 songs out on Spotify: 

Have the best my listeners and readers 

Many hugs Minike  😛 screenshot_2017-07-02-11-00-11.jpg






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