Blanket to the football field :)

 Hihi  😛 there has been so much now at last I’ve finally begun to get back some energy. Also funny activities take energy. Amazing when it happens a lot which is fun and rewarding. My son played football and it is lovely to just be able to take a blanket to the football field. 

I have begun to get started again with my long walks, which feels great. It is so lovely to walk something that I appreciate and value highly. 

 Made good food the other day and, as many know, if so, I love the chicken and spices  😀 

I soon worked completely finished with my songs so my upcoming album is ready for release. Feels absolutely amazing  🙂 

Now I’m going to go out in the sun but you may have the best my dear listeners and readers. 
I can admit that there will be a and other ice-cream in the sun hihi   😈
Take Care Of Each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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