Lots Of Clothes

Youtube HIt went well with the structure up there that I had to do yesterday. Have not very much left now, so it feels the top. First, there will be coffee so it is easier to cope with it as I have meant to do today. Also keep on with new music and it feels really funny as usual.

I cant wait until I have taken it where the workout I want done. But I will wait a couple of days. It does not mean that you have to be completely still for it. I have lots of clothes which I will sort as you do something. I have the my so-called step still every day  😀 …

Saw clearly on a really good series yesterday as I have seen now in 2 seasons. Really like when I can find the series that I really get stuck. I have never thought it was so interesting with just the movie and series in the past. But there have been more such series that I am interested in now in recent years. Even when it comes to movies because it feels like it has opened some new doors in this which I think is very gratifying.

What is the thing with me is not that I sit still when I look at the film and series. I had time for a lot of other things. So it’s not that I just sit and look at the computer 🙂 … Its relaxing time for me. I stop the movie and series many times 🙂 ..  Cant sit still  😀 

What are your favorite movies and series ?

Have the Best my Lovely Readers  😀 

Many Hugs from MinikeGirl  😀 

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