Happy Easter :)

Bought some  Easter things to my son now for the weekend which made my son so happy. I have worked with some different training now the last few days and today I would have a day of rest, but it was not so. I slept a little longer today it took a good many hours before I woke up to and could work with it as I would do. So now I have a little pain in my arms but it feels good 😛 
20170412_182141.jpgSo Cute one 😛 
It has become so now in recent times that at about 20:00 in the evening so I must put me in bed for my body not be bothered. I get the big pain in the body and become really tired in the head. But it is not because I am a part of the data or I touch me for a bit. It is something that has arisen more and more in recent time. I do a lot to counteract this, and it works great. When it comes to my health so I quick to change how I live for it to be better.


Will be a quiet weekend here I collect energy to all that I shall do. It will be to have good routines of sleep and clean at home I like it when it is clean but still homely. Now it’s only 30 minutes until I really should shut down the computer, but I have a little bit left to do. I looked often in the various movies before in the evening but I can’t do that right now. It is just wonderful to have it quiet 😛 

Have the Best My Lovely  listeners and readers  😀 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl

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