Have had a little pain in the foot today :)

This day I have been tired for I woke up quite early in the morning. Despite this, it feels like the day has gone very quickly  😀 

Was and downloaded a skin cream that I ordered. It is very good and plentiful. It is good for the cost part. So it is not an ordinary skin cream that you buy each month. Rather, I usually buy it every 6 month up to one year. So now I can me a good while to  😛 

Have had a little pain in the foot today, so I have tried to be still. It is still on the building after the last training where I was charged a little extra. This for it to be a little stronger and more stable than in the past. Important to be more still days, after which always tends to be difficult for me hihi  🙂 

It is good training to be still sometimes too, and not wreak havoc around. I have started to plan a little bit regarding my music that is on tour now to work with them. It is to do all the time which feels wonderful. Now I take and pick order a bit of food.
Take Care Of each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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