It is problematic now, I think for the machine to not quite stand still :)

Yesterday the little things that made the day. The day went very quickly, I felt . It was wonderful to sleep out now in the morning it was really good. I’m still a bit tired, so now it is coffee. 

I have trained hard on my machine recently, so it feels in the body and it is important that I get the rest that I need. It shows that it’s been a while since I drove  😛 . It is problematic now, I think for the machine to not quite stand still. I have put a carpet in and I also put weights on the bottom when I train for it not to move so much in sideways when I exercise. It helps some, it interferes with my training a bit. This is something that I’ll look over and I’m going to tighten the screws again. I train the hard and it is clear that it wears on my machines  😈 

I also need a new rowing machine. So it will be to start looking for one. I want to have more resistance in my machines and my rowing machine is not at all the level that I feel I need to. Even my bigger machine that I run on the heaviest could be a few levels heavier in resistance. There are many good machines that I’ve checked on the internet you just have to find one that fit my needs.

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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