How do I operate the best and how am I living in a way that makes everything sustainable ? 

It has been a while now where I didn’t really had time for my blog. There has been so much else to do. It comes to keeping up with everything. It also takes a while after the summer holidays to get into the usual routines again. Here, it has gone very well I feel.

I am working on my music daily and it runs great. Feels great to constantly make new songs. 

Honestly, it was this year not at all as I had first planned, and it has been that life does not always go to plan down to the smallest detail. There are things that happen on the road that is not always completely painless. I have had to change many of my plans, which in the beginning was incredibly stressful. Now, it feels better when I notice that I have made the right choice. There have been many ideas and thoughts about a lot and more than usual. It is that I have been forced to stay up in order to really get a better structure on it as I do.

There are so many people around me who want to decide and think and think about it as I do, both in terms of my music and my blog. Criticism is good when it is given by people who do not give criticism for the fact that they will feel better. Criticism of jealous people is also not so cozy criticism I can find. I have limited the number of people I discuss these topics with. I have also limited myself very much to talk about how I have struggled through life. I have noticed that I have had many people around me who can’t allow myself to feel good. It is easier when I’m not really happy, but moderately, and I may not be depressed. I have also, sadly, marked by an incredible envy of some friends that I have had for a long time. These friends know about my story, and despite this, they can’t be happy about that, I feel good today. I have taken steps that mean that I will not talk with them now in the future. They only take energy. The close friends that I trust and have left are amazing and they understand me as a person.

Whatever happens in the future so I know what a journey I have made. I’m proud of myself. It is enough, and I am tired of  to constantly having to explain to people who don’t understand. Then it takes a lot of energy to have to explain to the people I think should understand how it is. It is very important to therefore stay up all the time as I do in life and consider whether some people really deserve you. Important to stop to consider what it is that I want to? 

How do I operate the best and how am I living in a way that makes everything sustainable ? 

Never forget to listen to your own self and was careful not to have  Energy thieves in your vicinity……

Hang out with people who love you for who you are…….

I will never prioritize it away, which is good.

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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    1. Tack Kamilla det är ett kort från där jag är uppvuxen 🙂 . Det är så vackert där och särskilt fint med denna ljuvliga himmel. Ha det bäst Kramizar MinikeGirl 🙂

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