My fridge and freezer broke when we were not home

When I’ve been away on an adventure this summer, so I had filled up the freezer before I went away. It was that there would be food when we got home to avoid having to go shopping directly at homecoming. It is also a financial thought behind this. It was not quite as I had envisioned, but my fridge and freezer broke when we were not home. Luckily, some familiar to us and discover that it was broken so they could throw all the food.There has been a lot to arrange as it always is when I come home again. Now we also have some strong men helped me to carry my new fridge. The new refrigerator weighed much more than my old one  😀 

So I’ll write down what we need to shop. Then I feel that I almost have landed as I want to after this summer’s adventures  😛 

Now I’m very focused on taking me back to the reality here so that the days become more and more alike each other. Only to get home and get to sleep in my own bed and be able to play music and to sing does so much for my well-being. I have the big nice and cozy when we are on the adventure, however, do I need to return to everyday life where, I feel, in spite of everything the best. I require not so much in everyday life and feel the best of my routines here at home.

You who know me in depth knows that I need to get to have my peace and quiet then I act as the best. I have a good balance of everything now which feels amazing.

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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