I have a painting in my office at this lady and I was wondering if anyone knows who it is ?

I have a painting in my study at this lady and I was wondering if anyone knows who it is ? I’m not so good on the pictures but curious as can be  😛 

In a little while so I’ll go on a meeting which will be exciting. Then I will write the music. It is of course a bit stressful to make as I do then I might change a verse or chorus at the last moment. But it will be good and I’m the one who sets the schedule for everything. It has its advantages so long as I reminds me that it is no disaster if my schedule gets changed and a bit offset.

It goes really good to be a dog sitter but don’t think I got to have my bed alone. Lovely dog that knows what he wants  😛 He wanted to sleep in my son’s room, for he likes my son but because it is important that my son gets his bed so slept the dog with me.

Yesterday I received these lovely flowers and they fit really good in our kitchen : 


Hope you all have a pleasant day  🙂 


Take Care Of Each Other 


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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