I have my own style and follow my own set goals :)

Really fun to get gifts when it’s the kind of thing that I really wanted. I like the cutlery that is good and have wooden shaft. It is easier to hold and it makes less pain in the joints. I have a tendency to get caught up a little bit with my fingers round the cutlery and then I find it difficult to get away with them. So this will make things easier for me.

Yesterday I wrote clearly a verse on the song that I will sing in the next time. So it will be exciting. Feels great when it goes forward with everything. Some songs that I do is more of a challenge than others. Some are easy to sing into and a part is more difficult. It is what makes it a little more fun and that makes it a good variation in my songs.

I shall also give myself to write even a little bit more difficult songs, and some that are very new to me. I do just because I can and think it is a good way to learn some new stuff  😛 

I have my own style and follow my own set goals. I am really inspired to sing my next song, which is on the tour. I am also glad that in spite of my bad health right now so my days are good. I try all the time to make the best of the days. So today it will be to make it clear that I have thought of  🙂 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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