I promise you more music from me next year will be big fun :-P

Now I have taken a little break for the christmas holidays here and it feels good. We have been  sick now at last both my son and me. So I have not been able to work so much but I is still good time in it that I want to do. It is also good to grab and drag down a bit in tempo now over the christmas season. I feel that it has been really fun to work with both the blog and my music and I have planned into the good stuff now in the year 2018 🙂

I have come to the border that I make changes in my life in order to feel better overall. This time, it feels like it is going to be much better despite the fact that I am in a project, just stumbled at the finish line. I won something else that I have tried in my entire life.
It is so grateful that you are all my good friends it means so much. Last year you have really shown who you are. It has done that I really have taken me through so much and still do it. I have been forced to decide on the many great things now during the year that has gone and now it feels like I can go into the new year with a lot of new opportunities instead of something that I did not want at all.
I am also very proud of myself as have my strong drive to never give up no matter what. How hard and difficult life may be. I am like a computer that just restarts all the time and I am known to do. Reboots require energy and power and most of the time. I know about the same time as I know how much it is worth. Important for the future, I am thinking all the time I want my son to have a good life.
A thousand Thanks to all of you who listen to my music. I promise you more music from me next year will be big fun 😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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