I have to let in new oxygen :)

It comes to eating more food, I feel when you keep on working as I do for I want to have good energy. Now it is even colder out there so then I need to eat more substantially. The best part is that there are left over food until today. I usually make more when I can. I mean it’s just as good  🙂 

Is to wash and clean here today, it is great to get away what is left. I want to have a certain standard here at home about how clean and tidy it is and so it is just to run.

For me it is very important that there is good air in my home when I’m working with the music and the blog. When I have practiced a lot of singing so I have to let in new oxygen. I have new songs now that I’m going to practice in, which feels absolutely amazing. As of today, it is much to be done here.

I’ll sit down tomorrow and plan how I will be able to work now in the next few months. I have a job where I work with people. 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs MinikeGirl 

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