Raise and lower the levels on the to-do list  :-) 

Today is a day when I am doing a little different stuff here at home when I want to get both the laundry and to clean up a bit. I have been working with my music now throughout the morning, so I will also rest a lot. Has a good series that I just started to check on so I will see slightly overlapped interspersed with the other as I do. 

I slept well last night so I woke up relatively early today so now it feels like it is evening here  😛 

There is a lot of work with my music right now. Even though it is very now I’m in a period where I have stopped time a bit in order to collect new forces. For I want to do anything that I want to do and deal with. So this weekend I take it easy.

Have also just been a pet sitter, which has been absolutely fantastic. Now I need to get back to some normal routines again. It always takes a little time for me when there is new stuff happening and it takes some time before I can set about simply. I never know how long stuff like this takes but I gives me the time I need. Right now so is the rest. I go a little around in it that I can focus on and sometimes it works to do more things at the same time and sometimes it gets more focus on the smaller number of stuff.

It is the constant to all the time add and remove. Raise and lower the levels on the to-do list  🙂 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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