I trust in myself and I know that my driving force is extremely strong

Now I have recovered from my tough workout the other day. What became was that I doubled both the time and the distance and route that I drove.Hihi it took a while before I regained my energy. It was also really fun that I got a bit sore  🙂 

There will be a lot of work with the data today and it feels really great that it goes as well as it does with everything. The best is that in the end, do everything by myself then I know that it gets done. I can also decide how and when I should be working. It is lovely to have the freedom and I feel great to live as I do. 

I still have many concerns and thoughts about many things right now in addition to that which is usual for me. There is no weirdness, but I may further modify my plans . It has become more work for me, however, it is nothing that is going to be a problem in the future. I trust in myself and I know that my driving force is extremely strong. Then if it means I get to sit and work many hours extra it is worth it in the end. I know that the work gets done and it is the most important.

Feels so wonderful for it goes well with the work on my next music album. Now it is soon finished. I feel it will be nice to release my new songs. It will be extra good for it’s songs that are very close to me. Closer than the previous songs that I have written. They are very emotional and there will be a crossroads in itself for me to drop them. 
I release them because it is a way for me to process parts of my past which was filled with darkness. 

It is also a way to be able to see how good my life has become today and what I have learned from everything that has happened. How I have evolved as a human being in the quest to find the person that I am today. Life is an ongoing process with many challenges along the way. I cross it with my drivers and with my future goals so it is now wonderful that I have and all the time working to have and maintain a good balance.

Now I’m going to continue to work here  😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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