What prevents me :)

Feel more energetic today, so I will continue to go through my new songs. Sitting and drinking coffee now as usual to wake up. I have begun to realize how much there is that I am really working with right now and it is absolutely amazing. I am a little restless because I see what is clear and not. I see the finish line in my project which feels so wonderful. When I started to plan my songs, so I knew I would take me in the goal in my project and now I have done half. Half is because I have developed some ideas in the meantime. It is a great challenge for me to sit and hold on my new songs you should know I want to give them out at a time so clearly. What prevents me is that I have decided from the beginning how I should do so I stick to what I have decided  🙂 

I do a little different in my approach, and it is clear that it is a little strange that so clearly. It is exciting and it will be interesting to see how the end result will be. I am a person with many strong-willed so I try to steer them to a good hold. It is better than what I had expected so in spite of my defiant restlessness so everything feels good  😛 


It is something that I have learned in the life just this that I can do a lot and almost everything that I want, however, not everything at the same time. Things take time and it is important to give yourself the time you need to be able to reach to their goals. I’m a bit restless is nothing negative here, but positive, for it is my strong driving force. My motivations can express themselves somewhat differently in both feelings and behavior from me, so it’s nothing new. It is about constantly learning to interpret yourself. It’s about accepting it as found and make the best of it.

I’m going to write more music now :

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl


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