I’m a real gangster


Feels wonderful to have ended up in a position where I become a bit of my old self  again where I don’t care about some things. Sometimes you have to pick up your old self. I do this very controlled when my old I’m a real gangster. But some people want to meet my old self  again  so why not ?

On my weak points and completely ignore how I feel only you may feel that you are so the best. Then even I have my limits. These limits are now a total of destroyed so now I’m thinking I ignore if I’m treading on some sore points of the other. All the other paws on the toe all the time for these people but now I no longer have anything to do with this anymore so I release everything. It’s not about trying to be accommodating. It is not that I break the contacts, but it is about the people themselves choose not to want to be with anymore. It is about some people don’t deserve me. You don’t deserve me when you think I’m useless and not good enough. What I do never counted and you complain just about everything and don’t know where the limits are. Then I have no more energy to put on these people.

I am no mind reader just to understand what other people mean all the time with their behaviour. I am not a person who you can trample on too much and it doesn’t matter who stands in the way. I have taken the big far on my journey and I do everything for my son. But is there are always loads of idiots all the time complaining at me because they think they own me. They think that they are the best in the whole world. So jealous.

If you have nothing yourself to come up with some people that it feels better to complain on the other. Require that other people do as they want and nothing is ever good enough. Therefore, I have put a stop to this now. It’s fun to annoy me when you constantly have someone else all the time defending one. Yourself you would never dare. The difference is that I dare to take things eye to eye without any fucking army that pops up whenever you feel threatened and not have something good to say. MinikeGirl

Who knows there may come a day that another person ladders out in the freedom fresh and ’ m fit and ready to fulfil his role. Then if that is the case then I won’t hinder or try to destroy in any way. My son is worth so much. No matter what has happened or will happen so I want you to be healthy for you to be able to have contact in the future. So fight for it for as I said, I’m not going to prevent a future contact between you in the future. But you have to be healthy.

My goal is that there should be a contact between you and I hope that you will fight for the same thing here.
It is important that you prioritize what is important to be able to achieve what you want in their life. It is not possible to correct everything, but it is possible to do better. It’s always possible to do anything.
I do what I do but I don’t hate anymore, but I stretch out the hand for a future opportunity for it is what is important here.
Take Care of Each Other 😉 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 

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