It’s funny when it gets to the better  :-)

I have always strived to try to make it as I have planned and that is why I plan the way I do. In recent times, I’ve had to change so much. It has not been for that I have planned poorly, but the cause has been things that I have not been able to affect. It is good to be able to do it and it will in many cases be better. In some cases, so I’m just locked because I had a vision of how it would be. I know what I fought for and I know how it was. It is not something the problems of the world. It is just one more thing in recent times, which means that I have to do a lot of work and put even more time and effort. Somehow I have lost some of my motivation in this as it was not as I had envisioned and planned. Much has, of course, not become it at the latest unfortunately. Although there was not as there as I sat up and worked over many nights so I begin. It can be difficult to start when all the time I get to do it with most of the time. It is my strength to do reboots so it is just to wait until I have the energy for this again. I know what I want and it will be like I want to. What I need to do is to restructure my schedule which I am also very good at making. I can restructure for the better so I do it if I come across any kind of problems along the way. I usually expect to do. I can’t help on everything that happens. It makes my work more exciting and there will be challenges that I would like to take. It’s funny when it gets to the better  🙂


Now it is the weekend and I have meant to rest a part, and to also work of course. It will go ahead with the work on my music album which feels amazing. It will feel wonderful to release my upcoming album when it is finished.

There is so much that happens now in the future and I collect the new energy for everything. Despite some setbacks, so I am going to do as I have planned. I need to buy new pens for my 2 favorites are soon to end. It is important to have my favorite pencils with me cause I write neater Hihi  😛 

Nice Weekend all my lovely listeners and readers 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  🙂 

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