Love Will Always Prevail



Love will always prevail and it is in difficult times that we see it more clearly. Not even satanismens principal devil is someone who gives without taking even the soul as it is said. To be in cahoots with someone like that and then believe that after their horrific acts to become someone or get something when you die is not true. If the devil wants your soul do you really think that the one that you believe in will give you gold and green Forests. What happens is that you embarrass yourself and your people but your people who think like you think what you do is right. It is so wrong for not enough to agree to go in the same direction in this self-destructing so it will be the next step. 

When you grow up, there are many who think that you should be and think and think in a special way. So is it still when you are grown up. I remember that it was quite normal to sit and pray to God and go in the church. It was something that was normal and nothing strange that the man went to the church and confirmed. The older I got, the more questioning I become to everything regarding this with the total devote their lives to a God. Whatever it is for a God and religion so it’s not about to hurt each other in the Godsname. Had God had a will that we would do exactly what God wants so God did not created us as diverse as we are and with all of our different wills. God had created us all the same and we had been like robots to obey your every command that God sent out. That religion is fine so long as it may be fine. When the basic ideas of each religion is perceived in a healthy way. When religions are interpreted with love and not with hatred. If I was God, and put people and life to the world because I love the people and the world so I would create more people who took care of each other and the world. I would stop creating the people who ruin it for each other and especially using my name to kill it as I actually have created. Those who do so I would not put more time and effort on when I upgrade the earth. I also would not welcome them to paradise, but I would study what was totally wrong in my creation. I want to have such a beautiful world as possible and those who ruin it for others in my name, I can not continue to create.

But I am not God and I wouldn’t want to be nor more than a day to arrange it that we the people not done so well. But since I do not believe in a God but have my own faith in my own purpose here on earth so may I as a fellow human to other people to do what I can. I know that cohesion and Love for their fellow human beings is a religion that I know are real. It is about taking care of this earth and to gree to take care of all the human beings. Spread the love, respect and understanding of our differences and similarities.

Love Respekt and Understanding  ……..
Peace and Love …..
Take Care Of Each Other ……
Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😀

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