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Youtube H There are really good blogs here on the

I have taken the time today to sit and read a bit on some of them. It has been very inspiring reading. Often I think I’ll read other people’s blogs more than I do.I have understood that it has been very good bloggers here in the past. 

I have really wonderful friends around me and we are on the same wavelength. We think similar in our quest towards our goals in life. It really is so inspiring. I am so proud that you are with me.

It is really in the waves of the friendship how much you heard of the talking. But true friendship is always there no matter how often you talk and be seen. It is like a primal force. The most important thing is to be able to give his friends space and not feel forgotten if they make new friends. Maybe you talked more often, and thus socialized more before the man himself or his friends met other friends.

It is actually a habit that is acquired by talk, and is often seen. I would like to have a good contact, even though I myself is a little bad to hear of me though I often like it. When you come out of the bubble that actually had very much contact with a part of people daily and all of a sudden not have that contact anymore. It’s not about the Friendship is gone, on the contrary, you are doing this for you to feel safe with their friends.

At these times, you get more time for other friends and the bands where strengthened. It is lovely with new energy at the same time as it is the safest, with even the friends you have known for several years now, so clearly. 

It is so important for me to preserve and not replace good friendship. You do not want to nor feel that it is in the way. We go through different phases in life and that you don’t talk and meet as often as it once did does not need to be something negative. It is when the Friendship goes on to be more familiar as the friends become more like family. Then you are Safe 😀 !


There is a girl who I have known for several years and she has got a really nice new friend. I am so happy for both of their sakes for they are really there for each other and I’m really happy for me Friend. The new friend makes her feel good, and they have really found each other. This has made me and my friend talking less but we are like family and have gone through a lot together. We have what they call a long history with us.


This is very positive and I have been able to give my other friends more time. So, thought really not to be selfish in this situation for it will not be good. I am a real expert human being, so of course it felt empty in the beginning but not because of bad friendship, but only an adjustment for how much you heard of the talking. It goes in waves and I am so Proud of my friend she is really quite wonderful. Anyone who says otherwise does NOT know the person do NOT Know !


Take care of each other Iam sending you all my LOVE  😀


Many hugs from MinikeGirl   😀


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