Magical Feelings Of My Existence

Lovely day with a lot of music creation. It is so much fun to work with my music. I didn’t sleep so many hours in the night, so I wondered a little how I would be able to. Noticed today when I sang that I don’t really have with me is my breathing. It means that it is more taxing for the whole body to sing. I burn more energy, but what I may do then is to rest a little more often just. 

I have planned how I will use my time to be able to be as efficient as possible. It works good and I get what I want done ready when I want it to be finished. I live and work so here I have my plans for the future. This is how I want to live. I am happy with my work. Two of my biggest interests in blogging and making music has become as 2 new jobs. This I have always dreamed of. Even my 3 work is something that I value very much. It really is so amazing. I have always expressed myself through writing and singing. I always want to do it here and it feels peaceful in my soul. I feel good and I constantly create stronger roads to go on. I have lived almost half of my life without found something that I am good at and that I am confident with. Now I know that it was worth all the waiting and the wondering for I have done what I thought was impossible. I have been quiet and peace in my soul. 
I work a lot with my past on a daily basis to constantly process the things which I have been involved with. Process memories from the life I lived before I started to feel good about myself. Process different events with people who have not been so good. This is possible because I live my life today as a completely different person. A person I always strived to be. The person that I am today. I continue to strive to constantly hold onto those magical feelings of my existence.
Take Care Of Each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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