My Newest Song First on Charts of 35122 Songs :)

17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_nLovely Sunday for my son and for me. My son made lunch today for us which consisted of meat sauce and spaghetti. It was really good he is really good and likes to cook. In a few days so fill my son 9 years already. The years go by so fast and I’m so happy and proud of my son.

We are a good team and we have a nice little family. We know what want and what we have for future goals in life.
I was really happy when I saw that my newest song reached number ONE on a chart list of : 20170730_172242.JPG Songs 😛 . This is on a online radiostation.

Here is my song that I am talking about :  

It feels absolutely amazing. I keep on working on new songs while I work and have my dear blog. I have a good balance of everything, but when I do more music as it becomes a little less blogging, and vice versa, but it is not so strange. Only I get my sleep and rest so it works as it should and I have time for it as I want to. Think I have so good people around me now who understand that this is what I love to do. People who themselves are very creative and know how it is to give his whole soul for something.

People who can be cheerful for my sake and the people who don’t get envious of me when it goes good for me. I have struggled a long time in my life to be able to get to feel that I’m good at anything so I think it is sad with envy people. Often it is those who do not for any reason able to självförverkliga themselves. My envy of other people was in the past that I thought that all the others could do a lot of things and I am not. The more time passed, I noticed that I certainly can many different things and I am very good at much. This is why I get so happy when things are going good for my music that I’ve written completely myself. Now when I saw that my let low first of all these other songs. For me it is so much better than you can ever imagine but regardless of the investments and attention, I will always do what I’m doing. I will always make music and blogging. 
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs and Love From MinikeGirl img_20170510_085134.jpg

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