My pizza today it was cayennepepper and honey :-P 

I love pizza and usually buy it quite often. Something that I’m not so used to is to make my own homemade pizza. Just to buy the ingredients is a challenge for me. Talk about being spoiled with always buy pizza. It will be big plenty of to make their own pizza at home and special ingredients on my pizza today was cayenne pepper and honey  😛 

So good and I love that I throw on everything almost when I’m hungry  😀

It was another new adventure for me and my son and we have it really good. Today, it feels like it is the weekend which is lovely. It is the summer so then it’s the weekend every day you can say. 

Hope you all have a great summer everyone, with a lot of sun and bath. I have not bathed yet but I like to be in the sun.

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl

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