Now I have finally printed on solid one data key ”F ”that is detached :-P

Haha 😆 Now I have finally printed on solid one data key ”F ”that is detached 😛 . It will probably keep for a while in any case. Today I have a lot of working on my blog. I visited a place that has a better computer than what I have, and the better the internet to be able to work more efficiently. I’m thinking on to advance through to get a better computer and the internet now when I know that I will be blogging much. I want to be able to work as much as possible from home and I notice how much better it gets when I have better technology. I have also been thinking on to get a smart tv and work through it. But then, I still have to sit big when I play video games. Then I sit down, preferably as close as possible  🙂 

I am not a tv viewer for tv sets are real energy thieves. It is more energy-saving for me to look at the different movies and series on your computer. Not have to comply with different times that the programmes without being able to see when it suits me.

I have been waiting a whole month to follow a little results in terms of my music. My distribution company has upgraded their entire site recently and there have been many good changes I think. Many new good slow. However, so I’ll probably wait a bit before I get to see my stats. I am always so excited regarding stuff like this. It is the one month that you look at a time usually so little to the I can handle enough of the wait  😛 


Right now so should I just continue with my music. 


Take Care Of Each Other 


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 



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