New Music Video from Prendel & LilD-Skenet Bedrar


These two rappers I think are absolutely amazing and their music has helped me and made me happy even in the darkest times. I remember a winter when I felt that everything in my life just plummeted. I have felt so many times but music has always saved me. When I feel big bad and is broken so I can’t create my own music but I get very passive. It was so good just then was that these rappers with their awesome music made me happy on days. I took walks and listened to them in my headphones. They are also very nice people and please. So now when I run one of Sweden’s largest musicblog and now when I also seen a lot online, so I felt that it was time to give back love to the amazing talented rappers. 

They are great sources of inspiration when I make my music. It allowed me to have the courage to do my music I am very shy really. My dream is to be able to be as immodest as they are in front of the camera. They make really good music and fantastic videos.

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Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl

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