I write my own songs as a singer/songwriter :)

It has been a Lovely weekend att work and today I am free. Had intended to sleep late but woke up relatively early and got up when I woke up. So I have had time for much this morning. Sure, I’m free but I like to go and clean up and get some order. You may take it as you want and can cope with. Think it feels okay.

_20170706_071513 (1)Soon to be released one of my next songs it can be today or in a few days. It is always fun to have new songs on the way to be released  😛 .

Soon I have 13 own songs out, which feels absolutely amazing. I am a singer/songwriter and love to have the ability to be able to write my own songs. It feels wonderful that I have found my way where I can get out my feelings.

My music is based on a lot of emotions and I do my thing. I have a good creativity when it comes to the very and there is an art to be able to allocate the creativity right. Creativity is something that I can not order on the record exactly, but it must come from within. I find it difficult to churn out creativity and it is something that I do not.

Here are my 12 songs that I made and which you can listen to :

Take care of you my dear listeners and readers

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 


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