Open up my senses and gives tranquility to my Soul

It has been a good day and I have had the time to do it as I had thought. Took a shorter walk today to collect some energy and to move on me. Tonight I have listened to some podcast and seen on a few people that sent live. It is something that I would like to do more but am glad I did a little bit. I listen to the greater part always on the music but also likes to listen to audiobooks. 

Listening time on other creative people because I am creative myself. Those who have that special that makes to follow them quite easily. 
I think that it works very good for me to work from home and I am learning all the time new little tricks to maintain my focus. Get it as I want to have done and at the same time be at a balanced level. Some days it’s less and other days so it will be more. I might have thought to write on one of my song lyrics but I can’t sit still right then or have my focus where it should be. Then it is better to go for a walk or do something else. I sit and work many hours of the day with everything.
I cleaned a bit today and late so I was tired and stumble in with my shoes which were earthy.
But it does no it may be so sometimes haha  😛 

Sit and listen to this awesome music right now is so amazing. It is something that I almost listen to every evening to be quiet in my mind. 

I also recover so much with the kind of music here, and it strengthens me. It is spiritual and open up my senses and gives tranquility to my soul.  Great to just dance to I love it so much. Imagine you have a hard to unwind and then find something where you can just float away in. Really to recommend. 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs Minikegirl 

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