Reached one of my milestones :)

Today, it was a little change of plans, I would practice on my next song I’ll record. But I have some problems with my health still, and I was a bit exhausted so I sat right on the floor. I tend to sit there when I am planning and starting to write my songs. I already had the paper and pen lying on the floor. So in the end, I have written new lyrics today  😛

I have due to the fact of this day reached one of my milestones regarding my music projects that I’m working on now. It feels really amazing. It was really good. 

Trying to get some food in me here now it has been difficult to eat today as I watch the clock and eat a bit anyway. May take, and little to eat a little it is better than nothing.

Are looking to go and buy something that I really in the mood for but I’m not keen on anything but maybe it will be in the deal. I usually be on something haha  😈 

It will be fun then I can continue to write on my songs the next time and I hope of course that I have the energy tomorrow.

It is refreshing to have so much of the time, both in terms of my blog and my music. I really crave so much to the year 2018 I’m really excited. There is so much work to go before its like I look forward to working with so clearly. I will have so much to do  😛 

Now it is time for me to start to unwind when I’ve been really creative today. It will otherwise soon begin to burn in my skull and then I become just miserable Haha  :mrgreen: 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl

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