I developed my project to a major project now :)

Written on much music today, it’s funny when the lyrics come to me. So I have been on the floor in my main room and written . It is really fun that it’s going so well. Tonight I’m going to rest so that I can write again tomorrow I work ahead in my own planning right now as I usually do. But as I developed my project to a major project now in the course of time so is days like today, very good.

I always have my strong-willed in doing what I do, but creativity is not something that can be ordered anywhere, but it needs to come automatically. I need to feel and immerse myself in it as I do to be able to be creative in the way I am. I have learned many ways to be able to use my creativity and my drivers in a very good way. I have a lot of good ways to get started writing songs on even if it does not fall down a lot of lyrics and melodies as it often does.

Important to learn that it takes the time it takes so that I don’t get that I was a bit in the beginning. Then I became restless in the desire to be finished. So now when I do a larger project so it is very good training for me just to work a little bit with my restlessness  😛 

It is so much fun to write songs and it is fun with the whole creation of a song. From my thoughts to a finished song is a process that I like.

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl





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