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Youtube H Made a new cover for one of my new songs. I was very pleased with it as I did. It is fun to try and it will be as you want it. Since I am not trained to do design and stuff like that it goes well  😀 …

 I want to be able to make the most for yourself when it comes to both my blog and my music. There are many threads to keep in but it goes better and better in everything that I do. I am learning all the time what works and what does not. But I’m free in my creation and it feels absolutely wonderful.

Everything gets a little better every month, and even though what I’m doing is going well so I am prepared to take away a part of it that can be made even better. Work on it so it will be better and that it will be as I want to. Be developed, then I also as a person. Didn’t think it would have the speed of this that it has been in that I would be able to create this foundation as I’ve been striving for.

I don’t have to wait on many things and it makes everything that floats on faster than I ever would have thought. I thought that it would definitely take a much longer time. What I have plan for my blog and my music about 3 years, I do now. It means that I finally have been able to recoup few years by the years that went by that I could do much at all music or blogging. I have got back my life again somehow it feels absolutely incredible.


I have my fixed point in life and it is my son. I have my blog and I have my music. Even though the world rages around me, or if I feel broken so I have my regular spots where I can be myself completely out. I also have 2 amazing jobs to go to when I can and when it is needed.


I have you my wonderful listeners and readers, you are amazing and wonderful in every way. It is a great delight for me that you follow me on my life journey, both within my music and here on my blog.


It will feel superb lovely when you get to hear my next song on which I made the cover for now. I am so excited and a little eager regarding getting out the song. You may have noticed that many of my songs are very heavy in the lyrics with a strong message. After each song I make so I process my part traumas and the things that happened in the past which means that I gradually become stronger and stronger.



I am very aware that I have all the time and the river up old wounds that have not healed by itself. They need a lot of help from my side. They need my help so much. They need to be ripped up and reworked time and time again by me. I work on them so hard that they finally leaving my soul. Some need it and I dont stop myself before they left me. I am spiritual and my soul has lived many lives and my soul is old.

My soul is on their last hundred thousand years now. My soul begins to finally feel the tranquility and peace, and I am so grateful for everything.


With this, I would also like to say that we all believe in different things but this is what I am. Don’t forget that I was born in a very spiritual country, and that I was born with  all this. It has permeated my senses, and who I am today. In the beginning when I didn’t know I had my gift and how you used it, it was really tough.


 I am my gift today and I have full control on what is real and not. I see and hear and I feel it is so wonderful. I have no plans to work as a medium, despite my medial forces and strengths. But it is the people regardless of which side they are on, who will come to me and need help or talk, so I am.


This is nothing to play with if you are above it opens up the channels and links that can be extremely difficult to turn off for those who do not know how to do. So think a little extra before you do all this on your own.


Many Hugs from MinikeGirl    😀 ..


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  1. Well said, there is a lot of people that seem to think that stuff in life comes easy, or for free wich aint true. Everything you want to accomplish needs a lot of steps that does not always show. For example blogging, is not only to write, you need good topics that people read, and there is moderating of comments, then layouts and coding to get the blog working good and looking good.

    So keep up the work sweetheart 🙂

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