Colors In The Darkness

IMG_3712Soon I can turn the chapter and leaves in my creativity. Now I have my new song at the time. I write very deep lyrics and I have many messages in my music. I have always been writing my music and I’m happy with it. It reflects who I am and what I have been through. There are many people who can relate to my music. Much is taken directly from the few times that when my life had crashed in total.

My next song is about the biggest the breakthrough for me to be able to change, and really get a solid point in life. Something that changed everything and the nothing became everything in such a life-changing way. I will never return for I have my future. Everything is clear now and that is what my next song is all about.


Yesterday, it was really a real lovely sunny day. It’s wonderful that it’s becoming warmer now here in Sweden. It gets so wacky when you do not get the sunlight despite the fact that I love the dark. But it is enough that I see all the energies of light when it is dark. There are many colors in the darkness that I see all the time of energy so therefore, it feels good. Can understand those who don’t see the colors that they may not like it when it is dark. The dark glitters I tend to think and it is so beautiful.


Will see if I dare to make some additional changes here on the blog today. We’ll see if the coffee settles to the right so I can have the right focus, otherwise I will ask my Webmaster for help. Of course, so I would sit and read a lot of things on how to do yesterday. There are some simple adjustments that I knew about before but was a bit reminded of yesterday.


It may take a little bit away from simply 😀 


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 


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