These music write-periods  :-) 

Becomes a little bulkier when I’m sick and I’m a little clumpsy in ordinary cases. There is always something happening. Yesterday I did real good food but I burned myself on the oven as it ached for over an hour. It burned holes in the skin with it felt. Then I sit down son and watch movie and I should say something just in my inhalation so it collides in any way. It felt like putting in the neck but it is not. It was just fishy, but I was forced to think quickly and to breathe I must, after all, so I breathed through my nose a little while. It is the absolute nothing serious but it was uncomfortable. I used to practice my breathing when I sing a lot. It is also important to breathe correctly when working to not have a panic attack. Therefore, it is good to start the day with singing and breathing right for then you get a good start on the day. It starts not with hyperventilerar because you are stressed and going to work. I will on myself sometimes that I’m not breathing right and then I get right to it. Regardless of whether you have stressrelated diseases or not, it is important to think of the breathing. It feels really good that I have left the good food from last night that I can eat soon  😛 


Yesterday I wrote a clear 3 of my new songs and today I will take and put me with additional songs that are on the way. I have to do there is one thing that is for sure.

So right now I’m very focused on getting my new music done. I feel very good when I’m in these music write-periods  🙂 

Hope you have a good day  🙂 


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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