Trying to wake up here is not really healthy today

Good morning I am sitting and trying to wake up here is not really healthy today, I feel. It may be a quiet day here today I’ll be working from home. Waiting for my coffee to be ready and also a seafoodpie that I heat in the oven. I eat quite a lot sometimes for breakfast as you read about sometimes and as seen on the picture. Likes to eat a lot of food when I can and a day like this, I need to start the day with a bit of give sufficient breakfast.


Yesterday I worked with the music and start to work on it that is next on the tour now. It will be really interesting to see when I can get the order of the then the. Some of the songs that I do are easier to do than the other songs. The one that I need to do now is a bit of trickier, I think, but once I get a good focus so it will be good.

Right now, it is most tricky when I’m not woken up here, really, haha  😛 

The best part is that I have finished up my pie now, and have a few ounces of coffee left so my day starts soon a little more awake, I can promise  😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs MinikeGirl 

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