Sit and work with the computer today and it runs great. I’m thinking often about how think. Sometimes, so everything you do online, which is good and sometimes it disappears for a part. So I try all the time to be friend with but it is quite difficult in many situations. Have fought now since 2012 with so it is nothing new just  🙂 

I think it is very interesting to see what works and what does not. I see that it works. But the network is great so I’ll have to content myself with being the little professor, as I am about this.

I cant wait until my new faster and much more powerful Internet that I have ordered will. Then I will be able to work much more efficiently than I do today. Today I am limited, and this is really frustrating but now I know in all cases that there will be better everything. So I am excited that you understand. I love blogging, and it is important that I am not limited in what I’m doing. When I am not here so I’m doing my music and it is 2 worlds that I love to be in.

Right now so is it very much work for me regarding my music and I work in a fairly high tempo. It is really fun and it goes according to my planning. I get up early every morning even though it is the weekend and works with both the music and my blog. I’m trying to get a good sleep every night and maintain my routines.

Tomorrow I’ll go and see if my medications have arrived, or if I need to call my doctor. Last few months have gone by so fast and I honestly have totally forgotten to renew my prescription. I was out in good time and called my doctor about my medications but then he said that I had already printed so it was just a download. Then I downloaded but now I don’t know if there are take-out or not. I have in recent months begun to make use of a small dosett because I have problems with my memory especially when I have that much around. A dosett is really to recommend for then you will see clearly if you have taken your medicine or not every day. 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 


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