Very Knowledgeable

20170501_102504.jpgYesterday it was a lovely breakfast with coffee and burgers. I like the combination. It was a nice  to enjoy in the sun. To take the opportunity when you can get a little sunlight. I like to eat more food sometimes, when I slept longer. Then I get good energy and it took a good while before I was hungry again 😛 

In recent times, I’ve had stronger relationships with many people which makes me incredibly grateful. Relations have been strong in the past but become even stronger. Sometimes, things happen that are not raw at strengthens the bond further. It is about survival and when the energy is needed. I accept worse changes to other relationships because I see what has happened and where they are going. It is sad but my energy must cease to incite in these areas when I don’t get the response anymore as it once was. The relationship runs slowly out of steam. Because it takes too much energy from me to try all the time and the people involved to pretend that nothing is what it is. I have been very hurt by other people in the past and some apologize and others don’t. The problem persists and I need time to heal. It does hurts a bit more if it’s people that have been around for a long time. It is useful to feel forgotten for it allowed me to think in new ways of thinking. It allowed me to give time and power where I needed. Something has made me sad a total now of later time, and it has taken all my energy.

 What I do now in the future and there that I decide to put time and effort into is my decision and I will be ruthless. Ruthless means that when I am focused on something and want to succeed so I just run on and I will ignore what the feelings of others will be in this one. For I have tried and  it has made me sad and I am tired. Now there is a new focus and this is where I will put all my energy. I peel it off as unimportant. Unimportant means that there is nothing that I expect in my focus, therefore, it becomes unimportant if it just takes my energy. It is as it is said and it is I who can change what I can change in order to feel better. I am very knowledgeable about how I should behave and I can so many tricks in how I’m going to do. It is always difficult to use the tricks on itself when it is about emotions. This time, I was also the victim of the violation when I was in a slump and much plummeted in my world.
The difference is today I know who I am today so it doesn’t matter with all these violations all the time. What matters is that it takes too much of my energy and therefore I put a stop to it. I am honest about what happens to the people who I feel trust and I have nothing to hide. This is also because I did not should be drained completely of energy now, in the future, but for the fact that I’ll have my energy left.


It will be good in the long run 😛 
Take Care Of Each Other 😀 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 

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