When it comes to football :)

Has been a lovely today and I have been able to be outside for a part. Feels good that the sun had come out. It has been more work for me now on the latest but I hope it will even itself out good in the future. There is a lot to think about and arrange with my business and I am developing all the time. I also try to distribute my work in a good way. Important to get it as I want to get done clearly. Important to have structured up days good for then I can take a little longer breaks in the sun now that summer is coming. 

Tonight my son’s football training and they have finally started to play outside. It is great fun to follow my son in his development regarding everything. When it comes to football so I think he really has made great progress. He is really good and it has become very positive in the development especially now in the last training sessions. I remember when my son was little and we played football together. Now, I get to beware me so that I do not stand in the way when he plays football when he is shooting the hard shots  😛 

Tonight we will continue to check on a series that we started to follow on the computer it will be fun. It is so much smoother when my son can read the text on the movies and series so do not have to be in Swedish language all the time.

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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  1. Fotbollssäsongen är ju mysig när man som förälder får stå ute i vackert väder och heja på sina barn.

    Ha en fin fin dag

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