Wrote the lyrics to my new songs :)


Yesterday I had a real good day I sat and wrote the lyrics to my new songs. 
Worked with them almost all the way until midnight so it was very much done. I have so much that I want to make my music, and there are many songs that I sit and work with. What I also do is to structure up the songs a bit so I get some kind of order on them. Parts up what is clear in the text and what I need to work more on.

It feels fantastic to have finally begun with the songs that I’m working with now and I have started to get good order on them. To be able to sit down and have the focus that I had yesterday is nothing that I can determine that I should have. It just comes and then it is just to fit in. Once I have started it becomes easier. Before, it is just a bunch of paper with texts  😛 

I have one of my next songs in the studio which will be released when it is ready. A thousand thanks to all of you who listen to my music : 

Today so I will soon go to my other work, which feels great. So now I sit and drink coffee to wake up a bit. Should also work tomorrow so it will be home and sleep after work today. 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛 

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