Invigorating Walks


Invigorating walks are really lovely even though I have a cold. It feels good for it when eventually it gives in a good way and my body is very accustomed to walking. It is soon time to start my weights again and I am very excited regarding it. I also think it will be exciting to start using my weightwest. Weightwest is something that I have been waiting to use because I want to have a little better muscle. It is possible to adjust the very good regarding the weights on my weightwest which I think is very good and smooth. I’ll get into a good routine to use it and fill it with weights more and more the stronger I become. Will be a fun challenge to have now in the future as one of my projects this summer. Have had a period now that I lost weight and why not when it should still be up in weight again to do it with some muscles. I have my breaks and periods when it gets more exercise but I try to have a good balance of everything.

On my second exercise machine; so has the screws broken in half and I need to put new. Also need to tighten all the screws properly as well. It needs more stability or else lose my focus when it should squeak and shake when you step Haha 😛 ladda-ned.jpg.jpg. It is important that everything should be in order. Now it is time for me to eat meat I must also keep up ironlevels in my  body.

Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😀 

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