Yes it is really good with the cucumber in the food :)

Yes it is really good with the cucumber in the food. Fry garlic and peppers in tandoori spice and coriander  then I take in the chicken pieces. When the chicken has browned and the flavor of the spices and peppers as I take in the whipped cream. Then it gets to stand and cook a little carefully for a while. It will be fantastically good. It is very good to have in the cucumber in the cooking and be happy in the frying pan. Both in sauces and stews. It can take in the spices as you like  😛 

So good especially now when I have been out for a while in the heat  🙂 

It went well at the meeting yesterday, as was my son. We talked about how my son has it in his school. In Sweden, we call it performance appraisal. My son hangs on to the lessons as he should which resulted in a more than well qualifying score on the test that he has done. My son is very intelligent and really good at maths. He is really good at the details. My son is fantastic and he has really got the best from both his dad and me to THANK you ON the PRAISE  😀 

My son has very very positive things coming from him. It is really interesting to see his development. 

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl

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2 kommentarer

  1. Gurka tycker jag är så gott särskilt på sommaren.

    Jag brukar fixa gurkstavar som vi kan gå och småäta på när det är så varmt som det är nu.

    Ha en fin dag.
    Kram från mig

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