Yesterday as I walked up the steps that I have had as a goal to strive for :)

Yesterday as I walked up the steps that I have had as a goal to strive for. Some days I don’t go walking and some days so there will be walks simply. Feels wonderful. I get to do it as I have time simply. There is a lot going on in my world so I have to catch up with myself. 

You readers and listeners get a lot of insight into what I do and how I live. You know that I love to make music and blogging. This with everything else that I write about. Most of my listeners and readers understand that despite all the insight that you get as I too have a private life. Exactly like all of you other people have and it would be strange if I had not my private life. The days that you don’t hear or see me are the days when I live in my private life. Then you get to take advantage of it in the degree that I decide.

It is amazing to run this blog and to make my music. I am extremely grateful to all of you who follow me on my journey. It is an honor for me to have you as both listeners and readers. I have always written the lyrics and music is a big part of me that has always been there. 

It is so warm and cozy out in the sun now on the days that it is where I am. This summer I’ll take the opportunity to be much in the sun and best of all is that I’m going on an adventure with my son. My son is 9 years old now and he will be 10 years this year. So now in the summer so there will be adventures and to be in the sun shunted with to release music  😛 

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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