All Scary Children  :-P 

Here it is good, I’ll start to write then there are many who wonder. There is much tinkering with as usual and today, so dress the kids out themselves to be intimidated. So here there have already been many children and knocked at the door. My son is out with his mate and rapidly. I’m relatively accustomed to everyday life is the same so this is a bit different you should know. Therefore, I think it feels so wonderful to just be able to listen to some music and writing this post.I must collect myself a little haha have been frightened here of all scary children  😛 I’m not so good at organising things like this but I thought it might be time to try. The kids have so much fun. It is the most important. 

Yesterday, we did potatoes in the oven which was really good. I used to often eat it before and doing it now when it is approaching winter. I need some subcutaneous fat. We ate bacon with garlic sauce. I like to cook, as you know, but it is more fun when I have good time for it.

You are some people who wonder when I will release new music and if I also can participate in a new interview. I have music on again and it will take a while before I can let you take part of it so I am working everything I can to get it finished. As to whether I can participate in any new interview depends a bit on who is asking. I also try to get time to suffice here, as you know, so I answer you on social media when I have time. I see that there are many people who want to talk with me and I appreciate that you write to me. You are not forgotten but, on the contrary I see you. 

Tomorrow is already the first of November and I think it’s completely okay.

Do you like Winter ?

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs MinikeGirl 

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