It becomes very powerful and it feels liberating :)

Today, I work out the vocals, which is something that I feel I want to do. To sing I need to breathe right and it will make me less stressed. It is fun to constantly try to develop myself. The better the physics, which I have, the easier it is to sing. I love it when I feel I sing with my whole body and when I can focus good. When it comes naturally and I can take the help of the entire room’s energies. It becomes very powerful and it feels liberating  🙂 

Have a lot to work with on the computer today so there is to do. I’ll even take it a bit quiet, also I feel. It is important to take my daily breaks when it is being worked from home.

Since I am a pet sitter now so it’s a little different now in my life against what I am used to. As soon as it becomes something different in my everyday life so it takes more energy, even though it is positive things.

Hope you all have a good Monday  🙂 
Take Care Of Each Other 


Thank you all  so much  for reading my blog and listening to my music: 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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