Bought one of those Spinners to my Son

It has been a lovely day and it has been very good things that have happened. A thing ordered other things that I needed to get organized. Bought one of those Spinners to my son who was really happy. 2017-06-14 20.05.10Haha 😛  it’s not just my son that thinks it is big fun. 

The idea today was that I would work with the computer, but since I arranged with a bunch of other things so it may be now. Because it is myself who decides how many hours I work with my things, so it is easy to adjust the time. But I like it when I have a good structure in it as I do for when I get more done. Now it was my mobile phone that needed to be fixed for the I work with on my own. Work with a mobile which I am not accustomed to take both time and effort so I decided to fix my mobile. It went really well as soon as everything is in order again 😛 Given that it is a new computer that I need so it was not planned, that the cell phone would break. But now I’ll correct everything and get properly with the backup on both my mobile and computer. It is a must that they should work.

Had a bit of a time constraint before, but now I feel it will go really well. This day corrected to much and it was my goal for the day. So I am so satisfied and happy as one can be. The days that it happens a lot, but to be this good is quite Amazing.
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_n



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