I Knew I Was LOST but it was only a matter of time ;)


Now things happens exactly as I want it to be. Sometimes plans will not be as you expected but it does not mean that it is something bad. But you can turn something bad into something good. It is possible to make everything better if you are stubborn and surround yourself with the right people around you. It’s about to open your soul a little for those who you trust and who understands. To never give up and do not a thing so will other things but it comes to find them.

When you are growing up it is a lot of requirements that you should be able to do, a lot of things on various topics that you then make lot of tests for it if you can.. It is all the time a lot of assessments. I’d much rather learn that I am good enough as I am as a person. I had rather learned more about emotions and how I would deal with them.. I’d rather learn more about the different situations in life that occur and how to in a healthy way can handle them. I had rather learned more about me as a person. Who I was and how I acted. But it was all the time on the that I would learn to not be me.

I was forged to be like all the others, and I was easy to control when I didn’t know who I was. My life has been like many others but we are all different people. We experience situations in different ways. We all have different perspectives and tells of similar events, but not completely verbatim. Most important is how I will proceed in what I want. When I am focused it is not that I am disinterested in other people or that it shall appear that it is me, myself and I all of the time.

It’s about self-respect towards yourself, and it’s not about being egocentric and egoistic. It is about drawing clear boundaries both towards other people and towards yourself. So before you think that I am egoistic and egocentric so should look at yourself, think through how you are as a person. Instead of being jealous of me so take care of yourself instead. Do not come to me and whine because I don’t have time and it is about self-respect.

It is easier said than done and it is a long process to undergo at the same time as it is about that you get to remind themselves of how and how they want to live their lives. Everything became easier the day I learned to seek support and to hang out with people who would never accuse me of being egoistic and egocentric, that I live as I do and that it is good to think of yourself. Surround yourself with strong people who are strong in themselves and confident that I never will questioned because I take care of myself.


Hell Yeah when I started to ignore the other’s envy, so my life has become much better 😛
The fact is that many are so quick to judge when its not so good but many are not there then when it goes good. Then they should not have been there from the beginning. I thought so often when I was younger and felt and heard that ” she has the do not track ” …..
One day, I will show you everything that’s flown around and seen that I do not have control on ….
She starts lot of projects and she just talks all the time about a lot of things she should do. She sings bad and think that she is something!…….What will become of her?


I can tell you that already then it looks like I have an eye on something so I try for I want to and I’m stubborn. It takes me on. To complain about someone who ”sings bad ” is so ridiculous. I practice the for the hell

I knew from the beginning that I had no control of all of the projects that I started and I knew I was lost. I knew it would take time, but I knew that I could do it. When I show other people that I am a bastard of it as I do when I find the thread and when I find security in it as I am lost in so it will be more than good. It is not possible to be good at everything but you can try.

It is so frustrating to want so much but not having the ability to be able to do what you want. When other people are on and complains when you try so it will be not better. Therefore, I have set up rules to hang out with strong people .

Strong people lift you up and see you as a human being. They don’t have to like everything you do but they have so much stability in themselves that they do not need to supress you when you have your worse Days.


 What I mean and like with this post, is that you my readers will get a little food for thought regarding what which are your closest people. Also not to forget that you are the person who is closest to you.


Take Care of Each Other …… 20170528_093826.jpg

But don’t forget yourself……


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 

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  1. Strong Words from a strong girl, i am actually proud of being on the right side of that equation, i never figured out all this bullying, i’m better than you crap, sure competition is a good motivator, but sometings you cant compete in, like who is better looking, sounds better? Its all in the Eye of the beholder; who i Think sounds good, will surely someone else not like. We all do things different, the Point is getting things done, I’ve got a lot of ppl disliking me because i know, solve stuff, automatic i become an ”know it all” but as i Always said.. I told you SO!! 🙂

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