Development Of This Technique

Especially good day my son and I had today this Saturday. A real mother and son day, it has really been. We often have a lot to talk about and we usually have deep conversations about life. We went to walk and was in a cosy restaurant. The day was also about to get my phone repaired so that I can give my son his first cellphone soon. Many think that it is far too early for a guy in my son’s age to get a mobile. For me it’s about what the actual cell phone used in for the purpose. I’m thinking that there are so many good games/apps where I can learn different things. But it is the most that I’ll be able to call to him and that he can call me. Different families have different purposes and I also think it is great that he gets to hang out with in the development of this technique. 

My son has always been very good on mobiles and to download the game and make different folders. This is such that he will have the benefit of in the future. He helped me with my mobile force to sort and put apps in different folders. What I have learned about computers and mobiles when I was younger has helped me a lot now when I’m older. I know the basics and it is something that I can’t so I am a bit of a problem solver, so I can often find a solution to it which is basic.

Today we bought a new cover glass to my mobile. My mobile is starting to become worn and the glass was about to come off as it is glued. But I am happy with my mobile phone and intend to keep it for a while. Already know what the next mobile that I will get is so I keep myself updated. It is really nice to be able to work with my mobile phone now again I have had another is now temporarily when the mine has been in repair vacation. Important to have good patience there and make sure that the end result will be good 😛 
Should take the opportunity now to get to work a little bit now with the cell phone for this wonderful day that has been 😛
Take Care Of Each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 screenshot_2017-05-20-22-16-45.jpg

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